Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Venue for Sushi, Sashimi, and Saki

When it comes to sashimi, there is no place like The Venue!  It is a real pleasure to see the choices of fresh fish and delightful combos being created at the bar.  Since we eat there regularly, Phillip knows my preferences and makes up some of the coolest plates!

Ed loves the fried vegetables and sushi rolls like the Hurricane.  Besides my regular order ( salmom, salmon, and more salmon as the chef chides), I get to try different variations for sashimi dinners. This week, I tried his Sashimi Poki, and let me tell you, I will go back for that again!

It has all the ingredients for a full meal: tender mixed greens, edamame peas, diced cucumbers and tomatoes mixed with Philip's special dressing , and of course, salmon...all this pressed onto brown rice.  It is both beautiful and delicious.

For a special treat, try their Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies; it comes with a white chocolate fondue, marshmellows, and strawberries... definitely worth sharing!

The Vinnoy 2012

The holidays is certainly the time to enjoy downtown St. Pete, and staying at the Vinnoy is easy access to all the shops, restaurants, and parks.  From the lazy rockers on the verandah to the fabulous golf course, the Vinnoy fits the billet.  Ed and I loved our stay and play vacation.

501 5th Avenue NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 894-1000

Hole #10
Duke a beautiful Belgium
Order up a Princess Carriage, and the lighted horse drawn buggy takes you around town to see the lights.

''Henry'' and ''Duke'' and friends are in downtown St. Petersburg to take you on a beautiful waterfront ride and throughout the downtown area. Times and hours are seasonal and weather can change the schedule, but they are usually here every day. They have two carriages - a Cinderella (which lights up after dark) and a traditional carriage, shown here. Both carriages can accommodate six adults comfortably. Prices are variable depending upon the ride or special event. Reservations can be made along with pricing by calling the cell phone at (816) 215-8613. Come enjoy a relaxing ride that everyone enjoys including Duke and Henry.