Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Boardwalk Grill

Spring Break!
John's Pass, Madeira Beach, FL

Our three friends at The Boardwalk Grill.

This spring break, my mom and I also went to John’s Pass Boardwalk in Madeira beach, Florida. We probably walked about three miles checking out all the cute stores for souvenirs for mom’s friends back in North Carolina. The weather was picture perfect, and the waterway traffic was fun to watch. People were boarding boats to go parasailing, fishing, and just cruising around. It was also a great day for pelicans, egrets, and the occasional noisy parrots flying by.
Of course, the sea air and our strolling walk made us both ravenous. We decided to forgo the usual places to eat, and came upon The Boardwalk Grill (Marker 6 if you’re on the water). What caught our eye was their sign touting a traditional New England lobster roll. I was a bit reticent -would it be too saucey, small, shredded, etc., but the three guys working there assured us we would not be disappointed. Our waiter suggested an ice cold beer with our lobster rolls and that sounded just about perfect. We sat facing the water at the window bar, and welcomed the light breezes and commotion of the boardwalk scene. Our neighbors (from  Wisconson), overheard our order and decided to have the same...they, too, were enjoying the day.
First the beer was served… delicious and refreshing. Then came the eye-popping lobster roll; it  was overfilled with 8 ounces of cold-water main lobster knuckle meat, celery, and a very light dressing. It was as delicious as advertised. The hot dog roll was toasted and buttered, so the whole combination was “as authentic as it gets.” In fact, neither my mom (of nor I even took a picture of our meal because we were so enthralled with our lunch; we dove right in, and  we were on our last few bites when we realized what we had done!  Obviously, we enjoyed every bite and will be sure to visit this spot again.

Check them out next time you’re at John’s Pass…their menu will satisfy any seafood or Land Lubber cravings, and they also serve Fried Oreos – battered double stuffed Oreos fried and covered in powdered sugar! Need I say more!!!

The Boardwalk Grill
204 John’s Pass Boardwalk East
Madeira Beach, FL 33708

Open daily at 10 AM seven days a week weather permitting.