Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grille One Sixteen

Steak, or not to steak?  That is the question. Personally, I love a good steak, but I have a vegan athlete (cyclist) son who would beg to differ. Since I respect his views, I was tickled to find that at Grille 116, they have a wonderful selection of Angus steaks that are hormone and antibiotic free, “Certified Humane”, and are raised on a strictly vegetarian diet. I like happy cows! Check out the Myer’s story: 

I really enjoyed Grille One Sixteen. 

Both visits to this relatively new restaurant were delightful…the ambiance is warm and romantic and the service is excellent. As you walk in through the wall-esc door, the dimly lit but well adorned dining area is quite modern and cozy. I loved the privacy of the booth and their back-lit menus; I didn’t need my readers!  Ask for Steve or Heather; they are quite knowledgeable about the menu selections and wine parings. The wine selection is limited, so I hope to see a more extensive list in the coming months.

Grille One Sixteen had me at their crab cake appetizer! No kidding, if you’ve ever been to or lived in Maryland, you know a good crab cake when you get one. As explained by the manager, Casey, getting the consistency of lump crabmeat and crumbs (just enough to hold the crab pieces together) is no easy task…they found the right combo! We tried their Meyer’s steaks – Ed had the bone-in Ribeye, and I had the 116 Signature Steak Bites (basically a smaller portion of their filet). I’d definitely order the tender, flavorful Ribeye next time…did I say I like happy cows? 

On a previous visit, I ordered the fresh Mixed Grill with Wild caught Salmon, Jumbo Shrimp, and Steamed Vegetables.  This dish was a winner, too.  The fish was correctly cooked and the plating was beautiful. Ed found the Crispy Chicken Tenders as good as “comfort food” gets.  And those salads… the best thing to do is choose one the first time and go for the other on another visit. The mixed greens salad is earthy and delicious, and the Caesar is served as a wedge of romaine with shaved medallions of Parmesan cheese. It’s a mood thing.  Like many restaurants lately, there is no bread being served; I do miss a piece with my salad and wine.

Now for the fun part of the meal – dessert! There are two I highly recommend with a good Cappuccino. Grille One Sixteen has donuts! Although it sounds silly, the freshly cooked donuts are warm and lightly sprinkled with sugar, but I was delighted most with the dipping sauces (dark chocolate, fresh fruit, white chocolate, and caramel). I consider them a must have, although the decadent peanut butter s’mores is a real treat as well. We decided to share both, and we’ll probably do so again!
Judging by the other dinners being served, the aroma of entrées in passing, and a great experience, we will be back!
Check out their menu: