Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Enchanted Forrest Fairies

Deep in the mountain forest, in a place called Rainbows End, lives a woodland fairy. We know because a very special puppy named Tilley found the fairy's precious cabin. Magical powers allow fairies to live in quiet obscurity while tending to their beloved animals of the woods. Fairy dust protects their homes like an invisible cloak. If one is so lucky, you may have felt their presence like a faint breeze or as a sparkle out the corner of your eye. They excel in tickling your imagination.

Fairy cabins are filled with forest treasure and take months to build. Their gardens have moss filled walkways, rock walls, fairy-water, and native flowers.  Their roofs are made from pine cones, moss, and adorned with flowers to attract butterflies. Sometimes when the fairy dust protection shines in just the right light, you can see inside where a fairy has enough amenities to enjoy the good life. A little shelf with fairy books, a dish or two, and even a little koo koo clock. Occasionally, one might find a onesie! Known to "borrow" one of a paired item from their human friends...like an earring, a sock, etc., they delight in causing a little aggravation. Using acorn caps for hanging baskets or earrings as wind chimes, they are masters at making pretty things!

These photos are a rare find and taken at just the right time as the sun rises. Hope as you hike the mountain trails, you will find your very own woodland fairy cabin even if the fairy remains cloaked in its magic dust.